Single Sign-on (SSO) FAQ

What does it mean that ElasticHosts has joined with GoDaddy?
Our joining with GoDaddy means that you will have an even larger product range to choose from, thanks to the use of Single-Sign-On (SSO). The extra resources that come with this merger will also enable us to provide you with even better customer service.

What is SSO?
SSO stands for Single-Sign-On and this allows you to access both your GoDaddy and ElasticHosts accounts with a single login. You can use your ElasticHosts products and services from your ElasticHosts account, but when you need to purchase and use a GoDaddy product or service, you can do so without having to log in again.

Why do I need to connect my ElasticHosts account with a GoDaddy account?
We are beginning the process of migrating your products and services to GoDaddy. If they are linked now, it will make for a seamless transition and easier processing in the future.

Do I need to connect my accounts?
You don’t need to – you can continue to use your ElasticHosts account separate from a GoDaddy account. However, we do recommend connecting your accounts to streamline the process of using them and the products and services within each of them once the GoDaddy migration is complete.

How do I connect my accounts?
All you need to do is log in to your ElasticHosts account and follow the instructions provided.

What happens if I do not connect my ElasticHosts account with a GoDaddy account?
You will still be able to use your ElasticHosts account as you have been doing. However, ElasticHosts will soon be migrated to GoDaddy and you will need a GoDaddy account to access your services. Connecting the accounts now will make it quicker and easier to access your products and services in the future.

When do I need to connect my accounts by?
At the moment, we do not have finalised information and therefore cannot provide an exact date. We will keep you posted on the developments and apologise that we can’t say much more right now.