New Features! Autumn Control Panel Update

Our development team has been beavering away over summer to deliver greater reliability and more features. There have been some big improvements to our Containers, some backend improvements and the launch of Voucher codes.

New Website

As you can probably see, we've launched our new website. Hopefully you'll find it more pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate, especially on smaller devices. This comes with a slight revamp to our calculator, so that you can now buy directly from our pricing page.

Infrastructure Upgrades

We have upgraded all our hosts to the new version of Qemu (2.3.0). We have also prepared all our hosts to upgrade to the latest Linux kernel (4.1.6) on their next reboot, and improved SSD performance with Trim.

On our Container hosts we have increased backend support for larger scale infrastructure.

Extended API

We have increased extended the ElasticStack API with new Folder and Container calls.

Containers are Linux-only servers that run directly on the host for greater performance, automatic vertical scaling and therefore greater cost-efficiency. Read more about them at our sister company, which offers them exclusively, on a specialised platform.

Folders are high speed SSD-based storage. Containers use folders for storage by default, since they give a number of performance advantages.


In case you missed it, we now sell cPanel licenses directly. You can now select them from our Licenses section in the control panel. In some zones you can also select cPanel as a pre-installed image, meaning you can get up and running with just one click.

We have worked with the fantastic guys at cPanel to get their software working on our Containers, since this was a much requested feature. We hope to announce the support for this at some point next month. Stay tuned!

Voucher Codes

We're pleased to announce that we will soon be able to offer voucher support, so that credit can be applied on account creation. We plan to use these for some great promotions in future.