ElasticHosts platform update: August 2016

We have recently rolled out the latest August update to every availability zone. We are happy to announce the release of two new features which you will hopefully find useful.

List of changes


Optimisation: Published a few changes that should improve the overall performance and stability of the host machines.

New features:

  • One-click plan creation to cover burst use: If you purchased plans for a certain amount of cloud resources, but you are actually using more resources, every resource usage outside the plans will be billed as "burst" usage; billed every 5 minutes, charged to your pre-pay balance. This is useful to cover a temporary increase in usage. However, if this increase is permanent, you might want to extend your plans (or create one) to cover it, because that will save 50% of the costs for you.

To make this simple and fast, we have added links in the usage table (top of the control panel, and on the billing page), that will automatically take you to a plan create/edit form pre-populated with the values that will cover your current burst use.

Add to plan link in the usage table to automatically create/edit a plan to cover the burst usage

Add to plan link on the Billing page to automatically create/edit a plan to cover the burst usage:

  • Automatic backups: As the name suggests, this feature enables users to set up an automatic backup plan for any storage unit they have by providing how often to create copies - every X days or X weeks - and how many to keep from those copies. Read more about the feature in the automatic backup tutorial.

  • Search bar: We added a simple search bar to the control panel where you can filter your view for servers, drives, and folders that have any attribute containing the provided characters. You can use partial or full names, VNC/toor passwords and UUIDs to find a specific server or storage unit you are looking for. Log in and give it a try!

That's the content of the latest update. As always, any issues should be reported to our support team.

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