Anna Griffiths: Too good to be true?

We were surprised — but pleased — to learn that sysadmin and ElasticHosts customer Achim Regendoerp was so impressed by our customer support manager Anna Griffiths, he’d decided she couldn’t possibly be a real person! Why had Achim reached this conclusion? Apparently, Anna’s customer support is simply superhuman:

Initially [ElasticHosts] block the ports 25 and I think 22 and 23. If you need these unblocked, you need to contact their customer support, and usually you’ll get a reply fairly fast from ‘Anna Griffiths’. However I believe that’s just a name made up and used by the entire support team, since Anna Griffiths cannot reply to mails 24/7 all by herself, as I’ve gotten multiple replies over days and evenings weekdays and weekends all by her.

We’ve since been in touch to reassure him that no, we haven’t invented Anna, and she is indeed a real person. Of course, we were also happy to read that Achim was so impressed during his ElasticHosts free trial that he decided to switch to us:

After trying out the trial for myself, I was convinced that ElasticHosts is the provider to switch to.

And even more pleased to learn that we have lived up to that good first impression:

We’re over half a year now with ElasticHosts and in that time I cannot recall any of our servers going down due to a fault.

You can read Achim’s full review of ElasticHosts here.