1TB Free Bandwidth in Miami and Dallas, our 2 Newest Data Centres

1TB Free

We are pleased to announce that we have updated and extended our global presence – we now have 10 data centre locations for you to choose from. Our 2 newest zones are Dallas, Texas, and Miami, Florida.

We listened to your suggestions and have managed to secure a better bandwidth price in these regions.1TB Free in Miami

We’re now offering a free terabyte of data transfer every month for all accounts in Miami and Dallas.

This means that most small to medium bandwidth users could benefit from considerable savings in these zones.

For higher bandwidth users we are keeping the low price of $0.05 per GB for any usage above 1TB per month.

We chose Miami thanks to its strategic position at the confluence of major undersea cables, which will considerably improve latency for our customers in Central and South America. It will also be our first East Coast US location and represents an alternative to Toronto for East Coast customers and those that require low latency over the Atlantic.

Dallas was the obvious choice to be able to offer great bandwidth prices in a location that is centre of the US, meaning you can benefit from a low latency connection to most of North America.1TB Free in Dallas

Both Virtual Machines and Elastic Containers will be available in both of these new zones. Our Elastic Containers are similar to Docker containers, except we put an entire Linux operating system inside, then allow that system to elastically scale based on the resources it needs at any given time. We hope that the free data transfer in these new zones will mean that all of our customers will be able to set up the sort of responsive and efficient infrastructure that this technology now allows.

Get your free trial in Dallas or Miami now – try it out now!